Emergency Supplies

If in an emergency you find yourself out of bags and you cannot obtain them from your usual supplier:

First ring the Nurse Maude Stomal Therapy office (during normal office hours) 03 375 4200 (ext 7089)

If it is outside office hours or you cannot contact the Stomal Therapists then ring Nurse Maude (03 375 4200) and ask the operator to connect you with a District Nurse as they have access to emergency ostomy supplies at any time.

As a backup should all the above fail we have a stock of common appliances so for areas south of the Waimakariri River please phone our committee member on 03 385 9041 and explain your predicament. If no reply, or if you are in North Canterbury, phone 03 313 2164. If no reply to either of these numbers then please contact the Coloplast Representative on 021-356-571.

Thanks to Coloplast who have been kind enough to give us a selection of appliances to help out in emergencies.

Please remember that the procedures listed above are for emergencies and are not a substitute for your normal avenues of supply.

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