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World Ostomy Day outing 2013

IMG 1759Christchurch branch decided another coach trip in a luxurious 49 seater comfortable coach with no driving  concerns would be the way to celebrate this very special day. This year we decided that the venue would be Hanmer Springs

Meeting time in Christchurch was 8.45am for a departure time of 9.00am and a pickup in Woodend for members from Rangiora and outlying areas at 9.30am.

Up at 6.30am ventured outside to test the temperature and WOW – what a day was dawning – foggy, chilly,  more like Autumn Spring!  Warmer jackets were taken rather than the light summery ones and then out to Bishopdale Mall to meet the coach.

All the Christchurch based members were on time with the exception of 2 farming folk who just made it after having arrived at 8.30am from West Melton and one from the other side of Lyttelton but not being familiar with the departure area were parked at the front of the Mall but no sign of the Coach!

The Coach driver was not lost – Coaches always leave from the rear of the Mall – fortunately Sherlock Holmes  and the Blood Hounds located three rather perplexed country folk in the nick of time!

We headed off to Woodend where the other country folk were waiting – President Heather elected to  board the coach in town. The other VIP’s were Treasurer/Secretary Bob & Marilyn and their entourage – quite a  rowdy bunch so they were banished to the rear seats!!! - and then we were on our way.

We had travelled approx. 50kms and arrived at Amberley where our very considerate driver  - a very petite  lady, pulled over at the “comfort stop” for those in need. We couldn’t believe our eyes, we stopped behind a  rather old green party bus and spilling out from the “green machine” was a busload of young ladies comprising  the “Bride to be” from Springfield, her bridesmaids and her female guests all dressed in tutus in every shade  of pink imaginable!

The first person out of our  Coach no doubt because of his early start from West Melton, or was it to spot the  talent, was farmer Peter and he had no sooner put his boots on to “terrafirma” when he was literally mobbed by the “Bride to be” who apparently had been set the task of having her photo taken with a bald Male (lucky Pete!!) She then came on board our Coach and the rather reserved writers photograph was taken with his arm around the Bride!  It was high time that we left Amberley for Hanmer Springs while we were still ahead!  The girls in the green party bus were off to Kaikoura for the weekend.

During the journey Dave the Chocolate Bar Kid handed out chocolate and also ran a competition “Guessing Girls Names”  and the prizes were chocolate bars of course!

The fog cleared as we came closer to Hanmer and by the time that we arrived the day was very hot with no wind, Christchurch remained cloudy and foggy all day!

For the next 3 hours we all went our separate ways which included soaking in the hot mineral pools, playing miniature golf, retail therapy in the well stocked shops, enjoying a picnic lunch or visiting the varied restaurants, enjoying each others company and a good old fashioned natter and catching up on the latest gossip!!   A few even ventured up Conical Hill (we were led to believe) which is no mean feat – it is rather steep!

We left Hanmer in time to be at Pukeko Junction which is approx. 40 km from Christchurch for afternoon tea at  3 pm,  – a bottomless cup of tea or coffee and a plate of scrumptious cakes each.


On our way home we dropped the Rangiora folk off (except President Heather) at Woodend (they were much more subdued by now!! )and then off to Bishopdale Mall where the trip ended.

A wonderful relaxing day was enjoyed by all – we were lucky to have had such a cautious relaxed Coach driver who made the Travel trouble free and very enjoyable.

Thank you very much to the organisers of this wonderful day out to celebrate Ostomy Day in Canterbury.

Alan Percy

Committee Member

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