Canterbury Ostomy Society - Fixing a Leak - Canterbury, New Zealand

Fixing a Leak

Improvising.. or fixing a leak in a hurry

If you spring a leak, especially when away from home, it can be a cause of panic. Being prepared can help you keep your cool. Wearing an appliance cover provides extra protection.

One person noted that when they had a leak near the seal he was able to stuff several folded tissues between the pouch and cover. This absorbed the leakage and kept him going for 90 minutes until he was able to get back home and change.

A pouch cover has the advantage of soaking up perspiration on a hot day. Perspiration can quickly undermine the best adhesives. A good ostomy powder can help soak up moisture too. Lacking this, corn starch or baby powder is equally effective. Some people always carry Band Aids with them. She said she used the tape to mend a small tear in the pouch. It worked so well that she forgot about the makeshift repair until her regular time to change pouches.

One ileostomate told about his pouch filling with gas while his was hurrying to catch a plane and he didn't have time to stop in the restroom. He used a pin to poke a hole in the top of his pouch. By pressing his arm against his body, he was able to avoid emergency until he could safely use the restroom on the plane.

Another ileostomate told about using a disposable diaper to wrap around her appliance. It kept her safe until she could get home and change.

Individually packaged alcohol wipes or towellettes are easily carried and are great helpers in cleaning up an emergency. Best of all though, take precaution to try avoid having an emergency.

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