Canterbury Ostomy Society - Tips for Travelling - Canterbury, New Zealand

Tips for travelling

Your Stomal Therapy Nurse, Ostomy Association or Supplier can provide you with names, addresses and phone numbers of suppliers of your particular ostomy product in the areas you will be travelling to.

Ensure that you have the product code, size and description of the type of product you wear, in case you need to contact the supplier for more product.

It is advisable to have the name and number of a Stomal Therapy nurse in the areas you will be travelling. These can be supplied by either the Stomal Therapy Nurse or, in some instances, the supplier of the products you wear.

Ensure that you carry adequate supplies of equipment with you. If travelling overseas, or by air, ensure that you have all your supplies in your hand luggage, in case your luggage is lost.

If travelling by car or other form of other form of transport where product can deteriorate in the heat, ensure that you store your equipment in a cool dry place.

When travelling, take more product that you would normally use. Especially if travelling to a warm, humid climate. This way, you will have adequate supplies in case you need to change the pouch more frequently.

Carry some drainable pouches, in case you have diarrhoea, plus a recommended thickening, acent medication, such as Imodium, Lomotil or Codeine.

Eat a well-balanced diet. If unsure of any foods, eat in moderation to avoid diarrhoea.

If unsure of local water supply, drink boiled water or purchase bottled water.

If you irrigate also use boiled or bottled water.

Avoid too many gaseous drink or fruit juices, as these may cause excess flatus or diarrhoea.

Be aware of foods which may cause excessive flatus.

Carry adhesive remover wipes, tissues and an appliance in a disposable bag, for convenience of changing in public toilets.

If travelling long distances, wear clothing that is comfortable and not constrictive, especially if travelling by air or sitting for extended periods of time.

Most importantly relax and have a good time!!

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